Most Awkward Moments in Rock Caught on Cam

Uncomfortably Awkward

From nature playing tricks to stuff that’ll make you say “Why did he do that?”, there’s nothing more cringe-worthy than these unforgettable moments. Just watching them made us feel so uncomfortable. And the worst part is – they were all caught on camera which you know, makes everything difficult to deny. And so, some of these crazy antics were immortalized.

Now we’re giving you a heads up – it’s going to feel weird and deliciously awkward. And you may even want to look away at some point but then again, why should you?

Michael Jackson’s awkward kiss with then-wife Lisa Marie Presley at the 1994 VMAs

Now the sweetest moment in awards show history.

Elton John and Lily Allen falling out

We’re still not sure if they’re joking or not.

Jarvis Cocker stealing the spotlight during Michael Jackson’s performance by waving his bum onstage

He said he did it out of boredom.

Pete Doherty getting annoyed at the constant mention of Kate Moss

He wasn’t having it.

Courtney Love interrupting Madonna’s interview and throwing her compact

It’s rare to see Madonna not acting diva-ish.

The Sex Pistols swearing on live TV

Back when TV shows were as real as they can get.

Ronnie Wood throwing his drink at a drunk DJ

Why did he have a drink though?

When pigeons pooped on Kings of Leon

One of those shitty days.

Lou Reed’s one-word answers to an interview

Just Lou Reed being his usual self.

More embarrassing than awkward, when Krist Novoselic’s bass hit him on the head

He didn’t see that one coming.

Johnny Rotten goes off on TV show co-host

Rotten, absolutely rotten.

Sid Vicious almost dozing off during an interview

He obviously didn’t want to be there.

Courtney Love climbing on David Letterman’s desk and lifting up her shirt

She even admitted it that wasn’t her finest moment.