Motorhead Streams Previously-Unreleased Live Recording O Ace Of Spades Tour

via @Motörhead Official | YouTube

Motorhead shares a previously-unreleased live recording from their Ace Of Spades tour as a preview to the upcoming set of 40th-anniversary editions of the 1980 album.

The group released a lyric video for a performance of “Shoot You In The Back” from the album that was recorded in Orleans in 1981 and highlighted as a piece of collectors’ vinyl box set that is due on October 30.

In 1980, the album ‘Ace Of Spades’ marked a definitive turn in the way of doing hard rock in the world. It was such a brutal and forceful album, “like locking lightning in a bottle.” It perfectly captured the best of hard rock, heavy metal, and punk, amplifying all the parameters that had been seen to date.

“Ace Of Spades” was a total slap taken to the musical limit. Nothing was more difficult. Nothing was faster. And certainly, nothing was more powerful.

Last year, Motörhead released the reissues of ‘Overkill’ and ‘Bomber’. Some releases very well received by the media and all the followers of the band. Now, in 2020, comes the album that catapulted Motörhead into the stratosphere and etched his name on the walls of rock & roll history forever, ‘Ace Of Spades’.