Nikki Sixx’s Own Personal Journey Through The California Wildfires Is Truly Heartbreaking…

(LEFT) Laura Cavanaugh / Getty Images -- (RIGHT) David McNew / Stringer / Getty Images

“Stay Close To The People You Love”

With each passing day, we are hearing more and more of the devastation that the California wildfires leave in its wake. People and celebrities alike have lost their homes and many lives have been also been lost. Many celebrities are taking to social media to post updates and to warn people in the area to be safe and to evacuate if necessary.

We’re so fortunate that these celebrities and rock stars alike are using their platforms to spread positivity and hope during this frightening time. One such rock star that has been documenting his own personal journey is Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx.

Nikki has been rather consistent in posting his own personal updates on all things relating to the catastrophic wildfires that are taking southern California by storm.

However, through all of this chaos and destruction, Nikki is still making it a point to express his gratitude to every single firefighter and first responder working day and night to combat these fires.

There’s hardly a single person that isn’t affected by these horrific fires in some way. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with everyone in the area. Please be safe.