Ozzy Osbourne Goes To The Place Where You Sell Your Soul To The Devil

via @OzzyOsbourneVEVO | Youtube

Controversial Ozzy Osbourne assured that he will go to hell for having sold his soul to the devil.

The “Prince of Darkness” confessed during an interview with Kerrang! that his controversial performances had at all points the goal of selling more records.

A wooer of the dark creativity, Ozzy even called his solo album Speak Of the Devil, in recognition of the otherworldly entity and went out of his way to deliberately cause debate.

But at least one of the urban legends that introduced Ozzy is true, his hatred of sunlight, which he ended up detesting in years when parties and excesses were part of his daily life.

How a musical artist who does not master any instrument except his voice, became one of the greatest rock legends by combining terror, unease, chaos, and madness with a dose of humor and frank descriptions of the human condition.

Ozzy comes from a rude city like Birmingham, an industrial nucleus where metal floats in particles thanks to power plants. The hammering of large machines marks the rhythm of the city.

His staunch fanaticism for The Beatles brought him closer to music despite not mastering any instrument except his voice and a bit of harmonica. Along with Morrissey and Michael Stipe, he belongs to the peculiar club of rock stars unable to weave a chord or set a rhythm.

Did Ozzy Osbourne Really Sell His Soul To The Devil? Keep going for the video below: