Ozzy Osbourne Release Trailer For Nine Lives Documentary

via @lau107radio | Instagram

In September 7, the documentary with the story of Ozzy Osbourne, “Biography: The nine lives of Ozzy Osbourne”, part of the “Biography” cycle of the A&E network, which has already won an Emmy for its chapters dedicated to reconstructing the history of great characters.

In its two-hour duration, it spans from the singer’s precarious childhood in Birmingham up to present in the 21st century, turned into an icon of popular culture. Nine Lives Documentary has words from Ozzy himself in unpublished interviews, as well as his family, his musicians, and various colleagues.

Ozzy shared the trailer for the documentary, announcing it as a “first look”, although, in reality, it is the same one that the network had broadcast in January. Anyway, in recent weeks they have also released new trailers so you can see them all below: