Ozzy Says He Wouldn’t Be Alive If It Wasn’t For Sharon Osbourne

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Ozzy was grateful when he said he would have been dead by now if it weren’t for his wife and manager Sharon.

Ozzy’s statement was from new Q&A provided by his US PR for his upcoming solo box set See You On The Other Side. He was asked if he ever thought if he would get where he is today when he entered the music business.

Ozzy replies: “Absolutely! I knew I thought, ‘Oh, this will do!’ When the first Black Sabbath album got in the charts, it was the first time I ever got success.

“I figured it would end, but we were picked up by various magazines and I thought, ‘This will be good for a few years. Partying every night, women, and wine and rock’n’roll.’ 

“Here we are, 50 years up the road. I know that without a shadow of a doubt though if it wasn’t for my wife Sharon, I wouldn’t be here now. I wouldn’t be alive. 

“She pushed me when I needed it. She yelled at me when I needed it. At the time I didn’t think I wanted to be yelled at, but in the long run, you got to get off your butt and you got to get to what you’re here to do. And I believe that’s what I’m here to do!”

He then reflects on the early days when he first met Sharon, Ozzy adds:

“When we started off, I can remember, we were both broke, no credit cards, nothing. We’d have all the cash from the gig in a briefcase and we’d have to stay in these really cheap hotels.”

Ozzy adds: “The briefcase with cash in it was handcuffed to my wrist because if we got ripped off, we were done. But it was fun because we had nothing to lose, and everything to gain! We’d beg, borrow, and steal.”

Ozzy’s upcoming See You On The Other Side vinyl box set will be released on November 29 through Sony Legacy — as he is “really pleased” on how everything turned out.

He adds:

“It’s got everything in there that you could possibly want – and there’s some surprises along the way. I think it’s very well thought out and well put together.

“When Blizzard Of Ozz came out, it was all about vinyl. That’s what nearly everyone bought. You know what I miss about out vinyl? You used to get a double sleeve album and it was a big deal. 

“When CDs first came out I thought, ’It shrinks the size!’ You can’t put as much artwork or information on a little sleeve which ruined a part of the experience for me. I don’t care what people say, it’s a totally different sound on vinyl.”

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You can now pre-order the box set on Ozzy’s website.

Check the full details below:

Ozzy Osbourne: See You On The Other Side

Blizzard Of Ozz (1 LP)
Mr. Crowley live (1 LP) *
Diary Of A Madman (1 LP)
Bark At The Moon (1 LP) *
The Ultimate Sin (1 LP) *
Tribute (2 LP) *
No Rest For The Wicked (1 LP) *
Just Say Ozzy (1L P) *
No More Tears (for the first time as a 2 LP set) **
Live & Loud (3 LP) *
Ozzmosis (2 LP) *
Down To Earth (1 LP) *
Flippin' The B Side (newly compiled collection of non-LP tracks) **
Live At Budokan (2 LP) **
Black Rain (2 LP) *
Scream (2 LP) *

* Currently unavailable on Vinyl

** Previously unreleased on Vinyl

Flippin’ The B Side 

1. You Looking At Me Looking At You
Originally from the Crazy Train UK 7-inch single, 1980
2. One Up The B Side
Originally from Bark At The Moon 7-inch single, 1983
3. Spiders
Originally from Bark At The Moon 7-inch single, 1983
4. Hero
Originally a hidden track from the No Rest For The Wicked US CD and cassette, 1988
5. The Liar
Originally from the Miracle Man UK 12-inch single, 1988
6. Don’t Blame Me
Originally from the Mama I’m Coming Home UK 7-inch single, 1991
7. Party With The Animals
Originally from the Mama I’m Coming Home US CD single, 1992
8. Living With The Enemy
Originally from the Perry Mason UK CD single, 1995
9. Voodoo Dancer
Originally from the I Just Want You UK CD single, 1996
10. Back On Earth
Originally from The Ozzman Cometh compilation, 1997
11. No Place For Angels
Originally from the Gets Me Through CD single, 2001
12. Walk On Water
Originally released on Prince Of Darkness, 2005