Paul McCartney & Johnny Depp Start Playing Guitar Together – People Immediately Start Filming

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Paul McCartney And Johnny Depp Playing Blues Guitar Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day!

So let’s briefly break down the two men that are the subject of this video. We’ll start with Paul McCartney. Here’s a quick recap…

Paul McCartney was the bassist/vocalist for what is still considered the most iconic band of the last century, The Beatles. Since The Beatles disbanded, he has gone on to pursue a very successful solo career. He is a songwriter, billionaire, philanthropist, and he’s got a great hairdo.

Moving onto the other subject of the video, Johnny Depp. He is a critically acclaimed actor who has starred in some of Hollywood’s greatest cinematic achievements.

Since his breakthrough in his early days, he become one of the most iconic actors to ever be featured on the big screen. He is also a huge rock and roll fan as well as an exceptionally great guitar player.

Now, what you’re about to watch is a video of Paul McCartney, Johnny Depp, and a few other musicians take to their guitars and jam an excellent blues jam. See for yourself!