Paul McCartney Shares Fear Of Being Boring

via @TODAY | YouTube

Paul McCartney is not surprised that he has never tired of music during his long career, but he did admit that he was concerned about sounding repetitive because many people know a lot about his past.

He reveals that the Beatles are presently “inescapable. My daughter Mary will send me a photo or a text a few times a week: ‘There you were on an advert,’ or ‘I heard you on the radio,'” McCartney said New York Times Magazine. “The thing that amazes me now, because of my venerable age, is that I will be with, like, one of New York’s finest dermatologists, and he will be a rabid Beatles fan. All of that amazes me. We were trying to get known, we were trying to do good work … and we did it.”

He defines it completely as “happy memories,” though some are more popular than others.

“What I’m amazed with is that I’m not fed up with music – because, strictly speaking, I should have gotten bored years ago,” McCartney said. But he also remarked: “At a dinner party, I am liable to tell stories about my life, and people already know them. I can see everyone stifling a yawn.”

Yet McCartney asserts there are “millions” of band tales that remain unnoticed. “Sometimes the reason is that they’re too private,” he explained, “and I don’t want to go gossiping.”

He shared a new story to prove how much there still was to be learned about Beatles history.

“So, when we did the album Abbey Road, the photographer was set up and taking the pictures that ended up as the album cover,” McCartney said. His late wife “Linda was also there taking incidental pictures. She has some that are of us — I think it was all four of us — sitting on the steps of Abbey Road studios, taking a break from the session, and I’m in quite earnest conversation with John [Lennon]. This morning I thought, ‘I remember why.’

“John’s accountants had rung my accountants and said: ‘Someone’s got to tell John he’s got to fill in his tax returns. He’s not doing it.’ So, I was trying to say to him, ‘Listen, man, you’ve got to do this.’ I was trying to give him the sensible advice on not getting busted for not doing your taxes. That’s why I looked so earnest. I don’t think I’ve told that story before.”