Paul McCartney Shares His Favorite John Lennon Songs

via @In The Life of...The Beatles | YouTube

Paul McCartney admitted in an interview with Adam Buxton podcast his admired John Lennon numbers with The Beatles and during his solo career. The musician is currently promoting his new studio record “McCartney III”, in which he performed all the instruments.

On Revealing His Favorite John Lennon Songs:

“From the Beatles era? There are some. People always ask me what is the favorite song, but there are some,” said the 78-year-old singer before quoting two fab four classics sung by Lennon:” ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, I loved it. Also ‘Across The Universe’, I love it ” .

Though, the ex-Beatle admitted “Julia” as his least favorite. The number was penned by Lennon about his late mother in 1958 when the musician was a teenager. “Julia is about the mother he couldn’t live with. So I loved the poignancy of it. Because I was with him at Julia’s house to visit her, and I knew how deeply he loved her. So, I choose Julia,” he revealed.

Regarding Lennon’s solo work, McCartney stated he is an immense fan of “Beautiful Boy”, a track penned to honor Sean, Lennon’s son with Yoko Ono. “It’s a really great song,” he complimented.