Paul McCartney Shows How To Make The Best Mashed Potatoes

YouTube / queengirl2010

Martha Stewart’s Got Nothing On Paul

Yes, the name of this site is Rock Pasta, and quite frankly this might be our first post on actual food. But wait a second, this is no ordinary chef. This ladies and gentlemen is Sir Paul McCartney. And if you’re struggling to bring a dish to your Thankgiving festivities, don’t worry, he’s got your back. You might be thinking, “Hey, the Brits don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!!” You’re right.

But these are mashed potatoes and you KNOW this is always the first dish to disappear when you get together. It is believed that human beings have an innate instinct to slap an excessive amount on their plates, and go for seconds. Fact. So here’s a chance to impress your overly-critical aunt who thinks she’s the best cook in the world. And if they don’t turn out great, you can blame a Beatle.

YouTube / queengirl2010

What You Will Need For Mashed Paul-tatoes

  • potatoes

  • peeling thingy

  • a masher thingy

  • an onion

  • milk (soy milk if you drive a Prius)

  • margarine (non-hydrogenated of course I’m sure you already knew that)

  • salt but not too much or else you’ll ruin it all

  • fire

YouTube / queengirl2010

Some More Pro Tips From Paul

When it comes to adding the butter/margarine, it depends how naughty you want to be, he says. It tastes better the more you have. As far as the salt, you can add to taste, but if you add too much you’ll ruin it all and people will never trust you again. Ever.

Check out the way he cuts the onion. It’s a little technique he picked up from Linda. But be careful, try not to cut your finger off. It won’t taste as good in the end.

But in all seriousness, check out this hilarious clip. He needs to start his own cooking show!