Pearl Jam Just Raised $11 Million For a Worthy Cause

Pearl Jam’s homecoming to Seattle is not just meant to entertain thousands upon thousands of fans. It’s also meant to help hundreds of people in need. The legendary rock band’s to “Home Away” shows raised over $11 million for Seattle’s homeless population. The band donated the 90% of the proceeds from their hometown shows to local organizations that aid the homeless of the state. Aside from this charitable event, they also paid their respects to fallen legends Chris Cornell and Tom Petty by covering their songs, they also opened an exhibit that includes a statue of Mother Love Bone frontman Andrew Wood. Bassist Jeff Ament personally commissioned this exhibit as a tribute for his late friend.

“This is what those ‘Home Shows’ can do,” said Marty Hartman, director of Mary’s Place, one of the organizations in Seattle that provide temporary housing to homeless families. “Literally, bring more people home, out of those cars, out of those tents, up off the sidewalk and give them a safe space to be and get them into their forever home.”