Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Works With Treehouse Foster Kids Youth on Original Song ‘Try So Hard’

via Treehouse YouTube

Changing Lives

Pearl Jam’s guitarist Mike McCready recently worked with five kids from Treehouse in Seattle. This is a nonprofit organization that provides help to the youth in foster care by giving them all the support they need to finish high school and “pursue their dreams.”

McCready spent four hours with the kids in a recording studio working on an original song they wrote, “Try So Hard.” And this isn’t the first time McCready extended a helping hand to Treehouse. In fact, he’s been with them for years. He’s was involved in donation drives and even played a benefit concert.

He told Billboard about the jamming session:

“I helped the guys shape everything into a working piece of music, but they had the ideas already. Josh Evans who is a really good producer here helped out and everybody from the crew, too. It was an honor to be a part of it. It was really fun.”

It’s a beautiful song with meaningful lyrics. But this simple gesture from McCready will stay with the teens – something as great as this will never be forgotten. It’s more than just about meeting the rockstar, it’s about inspiring them to follow their passion.

We can only imagine how rewarding this feels to him.