Pete Best: The Forgotten Beatle

Who Is Pete Best?

The Beatles were ready and on their way to record their debut album when (unfortunately) Pete Best was replaced by Ringo Starr.

If Pete Best had stayed, probably things would have been different for The Beatles. But let’s not presume to know so much. Maybe the Beatles would have had the similar success with Pete Best.

Of course, Pete Best wasn’t a great drummer, but don’t forget, that Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison weren’t guitar virtuoso when they first started. Pete Best might have had done it with more practice, and plus the touring could have given him the boost to improve and become a competent drummer.

I can’t assume how different would the legends have been musically speaking if Pete Best stayed around — but he might have contributed one thing, as he was also known as “Handsome Pete Best,” it would have provided a different contrast for the band. You see, with Ringo, in the eyes of most, The Beatles were three guys and Ringo (not).

One more thing, if Pete Best had stayed in the Beatles, we wouldn’t be discussing the Beatles like this, because we would never have known them (possibly).

But why did Pete Best left the group? Or did he? Well, he got fired, by George Martin’s insistence. He felt he wasn’t good enough as their drummer.

How did Pete Best felt with leaving the Beatles knowing that they became a legend? After he left the group, he did try to get some bands together and build a career, but he wasn’t successful. Which led him to work in various jobs in Liverpool, and even attempted suicide.

But lucky for him, his dark moments were turned around when the Beatles released their Anthology series which includes ten tracks from their early days with Pete Best on drums. He was paid royalties for his services with the band in the early days. Reports say Pete Best earned One Million Pounds.  And after the long period of time not doing well, he’s finally quite well being old and all. he now lives a happy, retired life.