Pete Townshend Answers The Internet’s Questions

via @Radio X | Youtube

Pete Townshend is undoubtedly one of the key figures in rock and roll history, and definitely the most interrogated, intriguing, and interesting musician.

Townshend also has published his first novel, “The Age of Anxiety,” last year’s November and one interesting quote can be taken from it is:

“Paul McCartney thinks he knows who he is,” Townshend, 74, says. “Mick Jagger thinks he knows who he is. Keith Richards thinks he knows who he is.” A resigned look passes over his face. “I don’t.”

And now, to find out what his most googled questions are, you can watch the video below as Pete Townshend answers the internet’s most searched questions about The Who, himself, his new book, and the story behind their classic tracks such as My Generation. You’ll be amazed by how interesting a speaker he is, you can even pay to sit just to listen to him talk the whole day.

Keep going below and watch The Who’s Pete Townshend answer the web’s most Googled questions, according to Google: