Picking The Best Fifth Beatle

Previously unreleased photo dated 12/12/2018 of Beatles paraphernalia belonging to Terri Colman-Black on display at the Irish Rock 'n' Roll Museum in Dublin. (Photo by Brian Lawless/PA Images via Getty Images)

Who Is The Best “Fifth”?

The Beatles are one of the most important, influential, and most definitely famous bands of all time, they were dubbed as legends that’s why conspiracies and myths grew as parts of them. Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr were without a doubt the ultimate Fab Four, but what if the so-called Fab Four was just a myth, and there was actually a “Fifth Beatle” – who contributed to the success of the group as a business collaborator or even as a part of the music and deserves to be given an honor as member of the band.

Deservingly or not, some of these would claim that they were the fifth, and some would just consider it as a joke.

Nevertheless, in honor of the Fifth Beatle, here is the list of the Fifth Beatles, who’s the best one?


5. Pete Best


Pete Best was the original drummer of the Beatles in their early days, and the band was a five-man lineup which consisted of Pete Best, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Stuart Sutcliffe. Best was their drummer until the went to Hamburg, Germany, but then was let go to replaced with Ringo Starr in 1962.


4. Pete Shotton


John Lennon’s childhood friend, he was a member of the pre-Beatles group as the Quarrymen. Later then he contributed to the Beatles studio recordings and wrote few lyrics such as  “I Am the Walrus,” and then afterward worked as a manager in the Beatles’ Apple Corps.


3. Stuart Sutcliffe


One of Lennon’s friend who performed with the early Beatles with Pete Best. Stuart Sutcliffe contributed far greater than anyone else, and it’s by helping John Lennon to come up with the name of the band, like Pete he stayed in Hamburg, Germany with them until the rest of the group left Germany, and he suddenly died in 1962. One of his major contributions is where you hear him play the bass on a few tracks released on “Anthology 1”, including “Cayenne” and “You’ll Be Mine.”


2. Brian Epstein


Without this man, probably the Beatles became just a famous local band. Brian Epstein was a manager and discovered the Beatles in Liverpool and became one of the instruments in their rise to fame. Both Paul McCartney and producer George Martin dubbed him as the one who deserves to be given the title as “Fifth Beatle.”


1. George Martin


Well, this is pretty obvious. Ser George Martin would be the best Fifth Beatles, of course. He was the reason behind nearly all the Beatles albums and even did some instrumental parts such as playing the string and horn in the songs “Yellow Submarine” and “Elanor Rigby.” Definitely, Paul and Lennon were the reasons behind the musical success of the group, but without George Martin, nothing would have happened. Lennon’s son Julian once said that Martin easily earned the title of the Fifth Beatle and there’s no arguing with that.


Who’s your best pick?