Pink Floyd Streams Animated Video For 1971 Classic “Meddle”

via @Pink Floyd | YouTube

Pink Floyd presents a new animated video clip for “One of These Days,” a cut that opens their classic album Meddle, released in 1971.

Sketched by UK artist and filmmaker Ian Emes, the clip for the opening track from “Meddle” album was initially highlighted in his 1972 flick, “French Windows”; after the group watched the footage on TV, they reached out to Emes to work with him on several video projects over the years.

The track is instrumental and highlights a single phrase said by drummer Nick Mason. The only original member of Pink Floyd to perform on all of their records, including their final studio album, 2014’s “The Endless River.”

Drummer Nick Mason’s voice, distorted by a guitar amp, follows some maddening thumps. “One of these days I will cut you into small pieces” is the phrase, in an effect that will later be used at full speed eight years later in “The Wall”, which cuts in half a hypnotic and obsessive theme that became a classic of the band’s live repertoire.

Strangely raw and heartbreaking compared to the musical placidity of the rest of the album, the theme provokes certain anguish and uneasiness that is then cradled by the transition of the sound of the wind that marks the beginning of one of the few Floyd love songs.

“Meddle” takes us closer to Pink Floyd much more modest in compositions compared to their orchestral delirium of “Atom Heart Mother” or not to mention the heavy psychedelic masterpiece “A Saucerful of Secrets.”

Keep going for the animated video below: