Prince Mural Suddenly Grows Magnificent Flowery Crown

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A Beautiful “Prince” Art Form….

Prince, as we know the legend, he was full of life, and it seems that even after his passing, he can still attract some kind of special vibe.

Christine Stein, a Californian mural artist, created a mural of Prince in her front yard, only to discover that the bush had blossomed with a magnificent “hair of flowers,” giving a beautiful tribute to the legend.

Now there are hundreds of bees buzzing and a few birds living in the bush!” She wrote on her twitter that Prince is still considered as one of “The Beautiful Ones,” and many of her followers have shown an incredible appreciation for the amazing mural. “Prince was all about the birds & the bees!” One user wrote. “I know he’d love this. What a gorgeous tribute 2 r hero; thank u 4 sharing with the Purple family!!

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Here’s what it looks like after the bush had blossomed with magnificent “hair of flowers.


Looks like Prince is still managed to attract as with a good vibrant energy.

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Check the video on how Christine created the mural in her front yard.