Rami Malek Talks About His ‘Biggest Rush’ While Making Bohemian Rhapsody

YouTube / Triple J

Totally Surreal

If you found yourself feeling saturated with Bohemian Rhapsody advertisements, this sit-down talk will give you a refreshing view on the movie. The now Oscar winner, Rami Malek, sat down with Australia’s most popular radio show to talk about his Freddie Mercury transformation.

The lead actor has discussed the behind-the-scenes details over and over in the past few months, so it’s surprising to keep finding out more. The Triple J radio hosts, Ben and Liam, were ecstatic to chat with Malek about all the questions left un-answered for fans and movie buffs.

Starting with the odd audition…

Malek talks about how his role in the TV series “Mr.Robot” lead him to the audition for Bohemian Rhapsody. He was given a documentary and a couple of books to take home after the 6 hour audition  for his role as Freddie Mercury. Malek flew out to London and took voice, singing, and “movement” lessons to be able to move like Freddie.

The best detail discussed on Triple J was the making of Wembley Stadium.

“To get hyped up for that we went to an air-strip, we built this thing. We built an old Wembley,” Malek continues to talk about the production,

“You’re usually putting flyers for background actors and you never know who’s gonna come. But when you say ‘Queen fans’ at the top of that list- you get a lot of people out  and I’ll leave the rest to the imagination. Getting out there and performing Live Aid for Queen fans is the biggest rush I could have asked for.” 

YouTube / ABC

Congratulations to Rami Malek for his tremendously talented portrayal of one of the most influential musicians to have ever graced us. The actor accepted an Oscar for Lead Actor in Bohemian Rhapsody this past weekend.