Ranking The Best Albums From Three Dog Night

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One Of The Best Classic Rock Bands

Here you will find an answer to your question “What Are The Best Albums Of Three Dog Night?”

The band formed in 1967, and are considered one of the best classic rock bands of all time — their career was quite successful, releasing numerous albums, and many were certified as a true classic.

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5. Suitable for Framing (1969)


They certainly know how to pick the best songs from great songwriters.

4. Seven Separate Fools (1972)

The album that never gets old and its message still needs to be heard.

3. It Ain’t Easy Live Album (1970)

The band gets better and better as the concert progress.

2. Naturally (1970)


These 10 tracks from the album are more than enough to understand why Three Dog Night is one of the best.

1. Harmony (1971)

It brings back great memories. If you grew up listening to Three Dog Night then you know why this is one of their best.