Ranking The Best First Vocalist Of Classic Rock Bands

A First Is Always The Standard For Greatness

Well, a frontman, for a band to take off, it has to have what it takes, has to have mojo. They need to like him, admire him, and even be him in some manner. He has to impress the crowd, and have an appeal.

The ultimate frontman exists to perfect a band as a full package.

Below is the list of the best first vocalist to front a classic rock band (either dead or alive):


7. Layne Staley


Most underrated rock voice. Listen to a song like “Love, Hate, Love” and then tell me that most of the frontman you know can perform a song like that. His talent is undeniably unbelievable! He had a presence and could sing anything.


6. David Lee Roth


He made Van Halen for what it is, obviously, Eddie’s guitar playing is something for the band, but when Roth left they became nothing but a “Sammy Hagar Joke.”


5. Ozzy Osbourne


Ozzy has one of the greatest rock voices of all time, it is very unique that makes it very recognizable, and he can sing different types of music like Rock/ Heavy Metal (Crazy Train), clean rock/ soul (Dreamer) and even pop rock (Changes). The man is definitely a legend and had played with some of the greatest musicians of all time such as Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, and Tony Iommi.


4. Ian Gillan


Listen to Child in Time and it will definitely strike you that Ian Gillan is one of the best rock singers of all time. He had an amazing vocal range and very nice timbre of the voice. He’s definitely one of the most important rock singers in history.


3. Peter Gabriel


The man behind the brilliant Genesis music.  He even has the eccentricity and antics of Freddie Mercury.


2. Steve Perry


He definitely has the most beautiful voice we’ve ever heard in the history of music. Just with his voice, he made Journey for what it is now. Songs such as “Mother Father,” “Wheel In The Sky,” and “Any Way You Want It” are examples of his incredible soulful vocals.


1. Bon Scott


Bon represents what is known to be lacking from many bands today, and that is HUMOUR. His lyrics are playful, original and perfectly balanced. A huge talent without that managed to make AC/DC as one of the greatest rock band ever! He definitely had GREAT BIG BALLS!