Relive 5 Songs From Jackson Browne

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Jackson Browne was one of the important figures of the 70s’ in LA’s music scene — he as Los Angeles singer-songwriter, more than any of his contemporaries. He had influenced lots of artists and followers. A good-looking genius musician. We look back at the 5 Songs From Jackson Browne:

5. These Days

One of Jackson’s enduring classics, These Days. Velvet’s Nico first recorded the track on his 1967 album Chelsea Girl; even Gregg Allman released a version on his 1973 album Laid Back. But it was Browne who painted this song as a true classic. 

4. The Pretender

The final track on Browne’s 1976 album, The Pretender. He talks about the ’60s idealism such as war and crushing dreams that finally give way to the ’70s cynicism. 

3. Somebody’s Baby

Browne’s biggest hit that peaked at No. 7 in 1982. A sweet track with surprisingly new elements than his previous ones. It was released in 1982 from, Fast Times at Ridgemont High: Music from the Motion Picture. 

2. The Load Out

Running on Empty is a live concept album that was released in 1977. When music gives you the chills, you know it’s something special and something good.

1. Running on Empty

The opening cut and the title track and as well as the first single from Browne’s live concept album . It’s his autobiographical songs and can be seen on the lyrics, “I don’t know where I’m running now, I’m just running on.”