Relive 7 Guitar Solos From Alex Lifeson

via @WillianSK | Youtube

One of the most underrated guitarists of all-time, especially during his prime. Alex Lifeson is the most disciplined and, without a doubt, an all-around guitarist in the history of rock music. We look back at the 7 Guitar Solos From Alex Lifeson:


7. By-Tor and the Snow Dog

You will hear how Alex uses his effects and his playing really shines on this song. It’s just incredible! In the video below, the mid-section part, with Alex and his Volume Pedal, and Echoplex is the sublime of the performance. 


6. Freewill

This is proof that Alex Lifeson is and was one of the most underrated rock guitarists ever. And based on the performance below, he’s as great as Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix.


5. The Fountain of Lamneth (No One at the Bridge)

Not only Alex Lifeson shine on this song, but the two as well, Geddy and Neil. The three of the world’s finest musicians provided a very inspiring song. Alex Lifeson’s guitar gives you the absolute best 19-minutes and 57-seconds of your life.


4. Working Man

Working Man shows that Alex Lifeson deserves more recognition for his skills behind the ax. The riffs he provided for this song made this easily one of the favorite Rush songs, and that solo is impeccable!


3. The Necromancer

Why this song is included? Well, The Necromancer is just one big long guitar solo! Don’t believe me? Listen to the song below:


2. La Villa Strangiato

This is the song where you have to thank Alex Lifeson’s mom for buying him a guitar — he probably had shown a good report card! Thanks, Mrs. Lifeson — you deserve to be inducted in the HOF!


1. Limelight

In one word, will there ever be another Rush? NOPE! And yeah, it’s not only Alex but the other two, Geddy, and Neil. And Lifeson’s solo is one of his best and it’s really good.