Relive 7 Phil Collins-Era Genesis Songs

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Genesis one of the best progressive rock bands of all-time and Phil Collins-Era made that possible with his songs that lasted three decades. When Collins took over and replaced Peter Gabriel as the lead singer, the band explored with a more synth-driven sound leading to a great commercial reach.

Take a look and relive the 7 Phil Collins-Era Genesis Songs:

7. No Reply At All

From the 1981 album, Abacab, Collins brought a new funky approach sound in No Reply At All. The track is an ultimate standout funk-pop jam proving that Genesis is a formidable prog-rock band.


6. Follow You Follow Me

Follow You Follow Me was released as the first single in the group’s 1978 ninth studio album, ‘…And Then There Were Three’. Genesis took a new huge step during the release of this song, it was their first real love song, then turned into their first major hit.


5. Entangled

From the band’s 1976 seventh studio album, A Trick of the Tail provides one of the most captivating songs on the album. It’s a beautiful, haunting song that speaks about mental health and the institution that will try to make you better – but not for free.


4. Domino

Written by Genesis’ Keyboardist Tony Banks as the sixth track from the 1986 album,  Invisible Touch. The song is divided into two parts, “In the Glow of the Night” and “The Last Domino.” They took their time to piece it all together because of the contrast it provides. From the soft fade of the “In the Glow of the Night” to the incessant open in “The Last Domino.”


3. Dance On A Volcano

After Peter Gabriel left Genesis to pursue a solo career in 1975, Collin took over and starts off his reign with the song Dance On A Volcano. He introduced a new emerging Genesis sound with the fusion-prog anthem that defined Collins’ blossoming time as the frontman. 


2. Behind The Lines

Released from the band’s 1980 album, Duke. With lyrics that are hard to understand, but still remains one of the greatest Genesis tracks of all-time filled with complex instrumental performances, and Collins’ voice was all over the song giving a God vibe from the song.


1. Mama

The opening track from the band’s 1983 album, Genesis. This was the first sign of how Genesis changed the way they wrote songs. The rest of the band collectively contributed to the writing process of the song and it was Mike Rutherford, who came up with the song. He got his idea from his drum machine.