Relive Blondie’s ‘Detroit 442’ Live Performance – Watch Debbie

via @BlondieVEVO | YouTube

Blondie’s second album shows that little by little they were making the sound they were looking for, continuing with the same open spirit.

Punk was a movement that did affect Blondie and perhaps one of the songs that captured that spirit is ‘I’m On E’ because of its frenetic rhythm, although too soft to be called punk there are quite a few openly punk songs like ‘Detroit 442’.

The upward progression of the band showed that Blondie was a serious proposition with a promising future. Within the music scene, they represented a breath of fresh and vigorous air, but if we could be satisfied with so many catchy melodies, the eagerness to experiment would lead them to climb one step further and to mark their name in the history of rock. But that’s another story that will come next.

Below is the live performance of Detroit 442 – Blondie’s early stuff showcasing complete genius, blending punk with pop, and giving it a lovely face: Debbie Harry!

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