Relive Keith Moon’s Last Performance With The Who

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History points to Keith Moon as one of the most outstanding drummers of all time, as his history with The Who marked him forever. However, like almost everything in life, this career had to end, thus starting with his legend.

It was on May 25, 1978, when the British group gave a concert in England that would be part of their documentary ‘The Kids Are Alright’, performing hits such as ‘Substitute’, ‘My Generation’, ‘Baba O’Rilley’ and a cover of ‘Summertime Blues’, whose original version is by American singer Eddie Cochran.

He was an essential part in defining the sound of the group, both in the studio and live, reaching a legacy that lasts to this day, as he always appears in the discussion about who is the best drummer of all time. May 25, 1978, was his last time with the British band.

That day, Moon – along with Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle – met at Shepperton Studios in England, after a major break from touring. That meeting was to record material for the documentary “The Kids Are Alright.” Few songs were performed, but the session went down in history: just a few months later, the musician died, weeks after The Who released “Who Are You.”

The event, which took place at Shepperton Studios in London, was the last live performance for Moon, who passed away on September 7 of that same year.

The documentary ‘The Kids Are Alright’ premiered on May 14 of the following year and showcased the best moments of this performance.

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