Relive Pink Floyd’s Heartbreaking Last Performance Together

via @Pink Floyd | Youtube

On Saturday July 2, 2005, exactly 16 years ago, the last concert together of the 4 classic members of Pink Floyd was held and the last official set of the band in any of its different formats.

On the Live 8 stage, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason got together for the last time in the macro-festival that consisted of 11 simultaneous concerts during the day, in different parts of the world, that Bob Geldof organized with the aim of raising awareness about poverty on the planet and raise funds for the NGO Make Poverty History.

Pink Floyd performed on the Hyde Park stage in London, alongside other emblems of popular music. Elton John, Paul McCartney, The Who, Queen, REM, Sting and U2 were part of the lineup in England, but the band’s show became the most special, undoubtedly, and historic, as it marked an end to 24 years of separation, enmity and legal disputes between the 4 members of the most classical formation. Syd Barrett, key in the founding and the first stage of the group, was not part of the reunion, who died a year later, in 2006.

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