Relive The Biggest Hits Of Roy Orbison Back In The 60s’

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Roy Orbison was a singer-songwriter capable of moving the hardest of hearts with his ballads about love and heartbreak. Lyrics loaded with a pure feeling that emanated from a prodigious throat. He was an artist with capital letters that have not been sufficiently vindicated, despite the enormous legacy of excellent songs that make up his discography.

We look back at the Biggest Hits Of Roy Orbison Back In The 60s’:

Crying (1962)

His 15th single still stands out as one of the most beautiful and emotional recordings of the golden age of rock and roll. A song that is pure drama and ‘Crying’ refers precisely to her loved one who left, which leaves him shedding tears all the time and wonders what he can do to get his girl back.

In Dreams (1963)

It is impossible not to be moved by this beautiful ballad that was released for the first time in 1963 and that served as the soundtrack for the film Blue Velvet (1986), by David Lynch. Again, Orbison gave samples of his sublime voice to interpret a song that spoke of the beautiful things that happen in dreams and how hard it is to wake up again and not be next to your loved one.

Running Scared (1961)

In March 1961, he delighted us with this rock ballad on the Monument Records label in which he openly confessed his fear that another man would take his girl away in a song lasting just over two minutes. Included in the album Crying (1962), it reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and ninth position on the British singles chart, as well as becoming a hit in the United States and other countries such as Australia.

Only The Lonely (1961)

Released in the spring of 1960, this rock opera ballad was his first major musical success and reached number 2 on the US pop chart. Included in the album Lonely and Blue, in 2004 Rolling Stone magazine ranked it at # 232 on the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

Oh, Pretty Woman (1964)

This single released in 1964 and recorded at Monument Records studios in Nashville was composed by Orbison and Bill Dees and tells how the singer admires a pretty woman walking down the street, wondering if she is as lonely as he is. The song broke the Beatles’ hegemony in the top 10, reaching number 1 on the Billboard chart.