Relive The First UK Performance Of The Beach Boys

via @John Payne | Youtube

When The Beach Boys emerged in the music scene, Brian Wilson already knew his stuff. He knows his way around on several instruments. But, of course, the rest of the band was as good as him. They should be, right? If not they wouldn’t have managed to pull off their biggest hit, “Pet Sounds.”

In the early years of their career, The Beatles were their biggest competition, so they say. They were somehow overshadowed by the fame of the Fab Four. But there’s no denying that they were more than adequate musicians, and over the years became a very good band.

Of course, the Beach Boys were a major vocal band; and indeed the best in rock history. The majority of their recordings were done by studio musicians, even the early surf music — and one of the most famous session musicians who had helped them to achieved such success were “The Wrecking Crew.”

The Beach Boys managed to survive the British invasion because of their unique talent — they were so genius that when The Beatles were # 1 in the US, The Beach Boys were still # 1 in the UK, the homeland of their biggest competition.

And because of that, they landed their “First Ever British TV Performance” where they performed I Get Around & When I Grow Up To Be A Man.

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