Relive The Raw 1966 Performance Of “Meet Me In The Bottom” By Cream

via @Solstice Shadows | Youtube

Cream’s adventures and what the group has done to break the limits of rock and pop music are already well known to all, and many of these stories have already entered the land of the legend. Many already know, too, what happened next with their members: the various formations in which Clapton, Bruce, and Baker participated later, the numerous partnerships and recordings, and their solo careers.

the band’s honorable foray into the prestigious Rock n’Roll Hall of Fame, which took place with an unpayable ceremony held on January 23, 1993, at Central Los Angeles Plaza Hotel where, for a few minutes, an audience of 700 lucky people and a few guests was able to witness a return jam from the group, in thanks for the title granted to rock legends.

In those magical 13 minutes, when they played “Born Under a Bad Sign”, “Sunshine of Your Love” and “Crossroads”, those present were able to breathe a little more of the air of an era in which the spirit of true hard rock and its creativity was more than magazine posters and clips on MTV.

Cream were truly legends of their own. Below, on the other hand, you’re about to watch the Raw 1966 Performance Of “Meet Me In The Bottom” By Cream. Live at the Klooks Kleek, London November 15th, 1966.

Keep going for the video below: