Reliving 5 Songs Joe Walsh Wrote For The Eagles

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When Joe Walsh joined the Eagles in 1975, he had already given himself time to become a rock star thanks to his work in bands like James Gang and he had even savored success among the rock audience with his solo albums. Besides, his merits in that first stage of his career are not limited only to his songs but that the good Joe has much of the blame for the forging of two sounds that are authentic references to British rock of the late 60s and early from the 70s like Led Zeppelin and The Who.

We look back at the 5 Songs Joe Walsh Wrote For The Eagles:

In the City

“In the City” is a great song, which continues along the lines of the first song from the album, “The Long Run” but perhaps with a somewhat harder sound than the title track, “The Long Run”. The chorus of this song is one of the catchiest of the entire album and is voiced by also guitarist and keyboard player Joe Walsh.

Life in the Fast Lane

“Life in the fast lane” is a rocker, with a great riff, fast, with a lot of rhythms. One of Joe Walsh’s greatest contributions to the band.

Pretty Maids All in a Row

“Pretty Maids All In A Row”, Walsh’s work (and also sung the track), continues the journey along the vein of melancholy, through a heartfelt reflection on time that flows inexorably, taking people and things away, leaving behind only the shadow of a memory.


The Sad Café

The Sad Café became regulars at Eagles’ concerts. One of the saddest songs the group ever recorded with Joe Walsh’s contribution, and they also recorded two Christmas songs during these sessions.

Long Road Out Of Eden

From the group’s seventh studio album and the title track. The album’s title is especially clear on this, because the cover photo, with a desert, illustrating “Long Road Out Of Eden”, reminds of Iraq. In the ten-minute song, an apocalyptic vision of the United States as a country bloated by its desire for hegemony, loaded with propaganda is consciously produced in contrast to the melodious sounds.