Renegade Concert Pooper Smears Stage In California

via TalesofTheWeird / Youtube

Strange as it may sound – during a renegade concert a pooper decided to poop! Where do you ask? At the very pit, the hardcore band Turnstile was performing on in Santa Cruz. The result? The greasy doo smeared onto the stage platform.

It was during the Turnstile concert supporting their new album, Glow On, playing at Vets Hall on Aug. 30. At some point, the man’s grease ended up on the side of the platform –   how it ended up there was probably because while someone was dancing in the pit and stepped on it.

Twitter has been crazy about the Turnstile Concert Pooper in California. They’ve been trying to identify the man who succeeded in emptying his bowel during the concert, but the concert footage didn’t provide any suspect.


Turnstile’s new album, Glow On was released on August 27, being their first one in three years.

Keep going for the clip below: