Revisiting 10 Doobie Brothers Songs From The 70s’

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The Doobie Brothers. American rock music group initially formed in 1970 by Tom Johnston (guitar and vocals), John Hartman (drums and percussion), and bassist Greg Murph. In 1974, they were joined by guitarist Jeff Baxter and subsequently keyboardist Michael McDonald, the latter incorporating elements of soul music. In 1978, they won four Grammy Awards.

It Keeps You Runnin’

The song was penned by Michael McDonald serving as the third single from their sixth studio album Takin’ It to the Streets. The tune was covered and published as a single by Carly Simon.


Dependin’ on You

From the eighth studio record Minute by Minute of Doobie Brothers. The title track and “Depending on You” were released as singles and both in the top 30.


Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me)

 Written by the Motown songwriting/production team of the 1960s Holland–Dozier–Holland. The song became popular when the Doobie Brothers recorded it in 1975.


Minute by Minute

After the No.1 smash ‘What a Fool Believes’ they follow it up with the title track to their only No. 1 album.


Takin’ It to the Streets

McDonald’s initial single with the Doobies indicated a change within the band.


China Grove

The Doobies’ third LP, The Captain and Me, is filled with great guitar riffs including this song, China Grove.


Listen to the Music

The Doobies’ initial Top 40 hit tightened the group as easygoing ’70s hippies with no unwanted ’60s baggage.


Black Water

From the band’s 1974 album What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits. The song highlights its composer Patrick Simmons on lead vocals.


Long Train Runnin

One of the band’s famous songs, highlighting one of its greatest guitar riffs, was the group’s first to hit the Top 10.


What a Fool Believes

The song was penned by Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins. The most popular version was recorded by The Doobie Brothers (with McDonald on lead vocals) for their 1978 record Minute by Minute.