Ringo Starr Falls Running Onstage – Wait Til You See How He Reacts

Paul McCartney / YouTube

You’d Be Excited Too If You Were Jamming With Paul McCartney!

If you ever need proof that Ringo Starr is cooler than cool, look no further than this video!

The 78-year-old rock legend surprised fans in London over the weekend when he and Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood joined Paul McCartney onstage at the O2, grabbing their instruments for an impromptu jam of The Beatles’ “Get Back”.

Introduced as “The ever fantastic Mr. Ringo Starr!” by his former bandmate, Ringo goes to run onstage, eager to get behind his drum kit once more – but there’s a brief hiccup as he actually trips and falls while going up the stairs leading to the stage.

Anyone else would have been absolutely mortified (I know I would!) as the moment was caught on camera, but not Ringo. He recovered like a rockstar – cooler than cool, he played it off like nothing even happened and jogged onstage to meet Paul and Ronnie, where he threw up his signature peace signs and hugged Paul before jumping behind the kit for “Get Back”.

Once the song ends, Ringo steals the mic from Paul where he announces, “I don’t know about you but it’s a thrill for me,” later taking to social media to rave about what a great time he was having at the O2 with his pals. Ronnie Wood followed his lead, sharing a sweet photo of himself with Ringo backstage.

If this is what partying like a rockstar looks like in 2018, sign us up!