Robert Plant Is Handed A Guitar – People Immediately Start Filming

SJPTributeFund / YouTube

Robert Plant Can Do It All!

Robert Plant is truly talented. He is a singer, songwriter, and frontman for the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin. He is also arguably one of the most influential singers in rock history. All that being said, it’s not often that you think of Robert Plant and a guitar in the same setting. Usually, Jimmy Page is the one to take care of that. That is… until now!

What you’re about to watch is Robert Plant show up in what appears to be a store or similar establishment type place. He is immediately greeted by fans, but that more noticeable one is a woman that hands Robert her son’s guitar.

To everyone’s delight, rather than simply shun her away and not give her the time of day, he puts the guitar on his shoulder and proceeds to do something that gets EVERYONE filming! This is truly special! See for yourself!