Robert Plant Reveals His Favorite Jimmy Page Guitar Work

Youtube / PigMine 6

Legendary Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant was responsible for many incredible songs by the band. He revealed his favorite guitar work of Jimmy Page during his meeting with Tony Bacon in 1980.

Plant revealed he was amazed by Page’s masterful guitar work on the track. During the interview with Tony Bacon in 1980, Plant revealed that “In My Time Of Dying” was one of his favorite guitar work by Page., “It goes on and on, but it’s great ramshackle blues slide. Straight off the top.”

“The slide work on “In My Time of Dying,” which goes on and on [laughs], but it’s great ramshackle blues slide. Straight off the top. I remember the shock I had with one of my favorite bands, Let’s Active, with Mitch Easter. There’s a track on Big Plans For Everybody [1986] with (Jimmy Page‘s) slide guitar, and it’s exactly the same as “In My Time of Dying” [laughs]. I couldn’t believe it! I went what! Not another one. I thought it was only that Rick Rubin who did these things.”

“In My Time of Dying” is one of the many classics that Led Zeppelin left to music lovers of all ages, but still stands out from the other songs of the English group for being the longest with a duration of little more than eleven minutes.

The song, which was born as a gospel track inspired by Psalm 41: 3, was originally recorded in Dallas (Texas) on December 3, 1927, by a choir and, over the years, various artists dared to do their own version, such as Bob Dylan.

Listen to the track below: