Rock Band Took Over Wendy’s Drive Thru To Save Friend From Working Late

via Tiktok / Vella La Vella

Metal group on truck blocks Wendy’s drive-thru, so they can shut down in time and save their friend from working late.

Every worker around the world hates it when you are ready to close up shop and go home, and a customer comes in and places a huge order, delaying your exit well past closing time? Vella La Vella drummer Noah Russell didn’t allow that to happen to his friends so he made a scene.

Noah recently assisted a local Wendys by blocking their whole store so workers could close the fast food on time. Of course, there are presumably safer means to succeed in shutting down on time, but this is the most hilarious one.

“WE HAVE CLAIMED WENDYS! NOW LISTEN TO METAL AND EAT BURGERS,” Vella la Vella writes on his Instagram. The band also posted the clip to TikTok, earning under a million views,

Keep going for the video below:

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