Rock Bands That Broke World Records

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It is not easy to achieve a world record, nor is there any guarantee that the attempt will be successful. Despite this, some of our beloved Rock bands broke World Records, did not allow this to limit them. Keep going for the list below:



Paramore were hard at work promoting their latest album at the time but they take the opportunity to have fun while they do it. The band released the video for their single “Ain’t It Fun” in which they set out to break the most world records in a music video. The band did it, breaking a total of ten records ranging from running backward with stuffed animals in their hands, to the most car laps in 20 seconds. See the funny video below, it shows that when recording it they had a ridiculously good time:



One of the most famous metal rock bands in the world, Metallica, managed to get their names into the Guinness Book of Records with their tireless work on all seven continents. The group managed to enter this exclusive list, with its visit to the seven continents in a period of one year, a feat never achieved before.The band, which even managed to play in frigid Antarctica, referred to the appointment with a statement in which they thanked their fans for their support.


KISS delivered an oversized version of their End of the Road show during Atlantis’ Kiss 2020 Goodbye live pay-per-view concert in Dubai. The 22-song set was virtually identical to what the band played before the COVID-19 pandemic forced them off the road earlier this year. But the stage was much bigger. During the pre-show promotional film, it was revealed that Kiss has two identical stages from End of the Road, and put together to create the largest stage they had ever played on. KISS started in 2021 obtaining two Guinness records thanks to the New Year’s Eve concert they offered in paid streaming from Dubai. A performance was held in a spectacular setting: Atlantis (Palm Jumeirah, Dubai) and in which they had promised the greatest fireworks display in its history.


Iron Maiden

The name of the band has been mentioned prominently in many songs, in many video games, and references in television series. They hold the Guinness record for most songs — 51 — featured in video games than any other metal artist.


Motley Crue

If Iron Maiden holds the record for having 51 songs featured in videos games, Motley Crue had their own digital success as they hold the record for having the first song to sell better on Xbox than iTunes. Their “Saints of Los Angeles” single is included in their 2008 reunion album. Reportedly it was downloaded 37,000 more times in its first week on Xbox Live.


Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam has shared with its fans a huge digital archive called “DEEP” that contains 186 concerts with a total of 5,404 live songs. Pearl Jam Ten Club members had early access to official bootlegs from tours throughout 2000, 2003, 2008, and 2013. Fans also were able to search for shows by city, year, and category, as well as access personalized playlists like “Best Political Songs,” “Best Covers” and, for new fans: “Pearl Jam for Dummies,” according to Consequence of Sound. This was groundbreaking as Pearl Jam holds the record for most live tracks released in a span of a week.