Rock Legends That Are Yet To Return From Covid Restrictions – John

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It has been a year since we began lockdowns, we locked ourselves at home for months and life on the streets came to a standstill. Even so, in a few days, the live shows on social networks began where many artists were singing, virtual concerts and a multitude of events were organized to encourage people to continue rocking with optimism.

A year where the music industry, culture, and art have been devastatingly affected.


After releasing their newest album Power Up! in 2020 AC/DC are planning to hit the road this year, Brian Johnson hinted that there could be an AC/DC tour in late 2021.


Aerosmith not touring this year has little to do with Covid-19 – they just stopped. In 2016, singer Steven Tyler hinted that a farewell tour could be happening anytime soon.

Bad Company

Three years have passed since the live audience saw Bad Company but since then no heard from them except for the passing of singer Brian Howe last year.

Bon Jovi

At the start of the pandemic, Bon Jovi’s Jon Bon Jovi was a little uncertain of whether or not touring still remains for the extended haul.


Boston’s recent tour was four years ago, and still, founding member Tom Scholz saw it challenging to perform live during the pandemic, largely because of his diligence in the studio.

David Crosby

David Crosby already scheduled multiple tours and performances with Phil Lesh, Joe Walsh, and Jason Isbell last year but had to be postponed due to the pandemic. Releasing a new album, “For Free,” Crosby is apparently still antsy about not being able to tour.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan hasn’t played a live show since December 2019 after canceling his Never Ending Tour.

Electric Light Orchestra

Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra did a lot of touring for the past decade – something he wasn’t even planning. Lynne’s 2020 tour schedules were discontinued and have yet to be rescheduled.

Fleetwood Mac

Christine McVie assumed in February that Fleetwood Mac’s post-pandemic touring projects may not introduce all the band members. But as of the tour dates, looks like it’s not happening anytime soon.

Peter Gabriel

Even though his former bandmates, Genesis are starting an expansive tour later this year, Peter Gabriel has no intention of joining them, not even planning anything as a solo artist.

David Gilmour

Recently, guitarist David Gilmour made explicitly obvious that there will be no Pink Floyd reunion. Also, he has no plans yet for a solo tour.


The Wilson sisters aren’t positively able to bring Heart back on the road, but with their individual projects, they are definitely busy. Ann, recently announced her upcoming tour, while Nancy released her first solo album, You and Me.

Paul McCartney

He has no upcoming tour dates this year, but he hasn’t announced yet that he’s quitting.

Stephen Stills

The last time people saw Stills live shows was in 2017-2018 with his former girlfriend Judy Collins.


They wrapped their 2018 tour in Berlin and took a rest from the road after that big show.

The Who

The Who’s Roger Daltrey arranged to perform a short set of solo North American concerts this summer, but those schedules have since been canceled.

Neil Young

In February 2020, about a month before the pandemic hit, Neil Young advised followers not to get their optimism up. He has not planned anything yet either in 2021.