Rock on Baby! Driver Blasts Motörhead and Munchkins Lose It!

YouTube / MikeMalone

Lemmy Tell You ‘Bout These Babies

Motörhead legend and hardcore tough-guy, Lemmy Kilmister, would have melted at the site of these squishy babies jamming out to his music. Whoever is in charge of the music deserves a big kudos for introducing these children to some hard rock. The two strapped up kids in the back seat are dancing and giggling uncontrollably.  The little girl is shouting “YAY!,” in between her bursts of laughter and the little boy next to her meets her with the happiest of faces as they waves their arms together. The fast beats of Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades,” has these babes living their absolute best life.

YouTube / MikeMalone

Wave Your Blankie In The Air Like You Just Don’t Care

These kids were born to rock. Whether it’s their first time listening to the music or their one-millionth time, they are sooo happy- and that’s the best part. Who knows what they were hearing in the womb, but to hear Motörhead shortly after their intro to the world is a good sign they have ace adults in their lives.  The sun shines in the back seat of the car and the kids glow as they shift their arms to the tempo of the music. They would make one great rock-duo for sure.