Rock Pasta Experience: What Did It Feel To Watch Bonzo Play “Moby Dick” Live?

Absolutely Infectious!

Some folks may speak of Bonzo as an overrated drummer, but what they don’t realize John Bonham did what is needed to be done using only a 5-piece drumkit, and some retards compare him to drummers nowadays with a 7-piece drumkit or more and a double bass pedal.

John Bonham the legendary drummer of the legendary band, Led Zeppelin, was the REAL DEAL! He didn’t have much anything nor even gadgets to help him along — he only had the “5-piece kit” and could rock the whole concert arena down with it!

What was it like to watch him play “Moby Dick” in a live concert?  — Well to sum it all up — it was simply “ASTONISHING.” The drum solo had everything in it, the “sheer perfection” mixed with musicality, technique (drumming with his two bare hands), precision, power, and speed, and of course, excitement. It was a drum solo that was perfect and great for a live audience as it has everything for everyone — hence it was ultimately the greatest drum solo in the history of drum solos.

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During that performance, everyone goes extremely quiet, and then Bonham started to go crazy on the drums, and everyone was like watching him stunningly as if he was a GOD. — They knew in their hearts that they were witnessing a HISTORY in the making! The whole solo just flows in incredibly. It was a Bonzo at his best — AMAZING AND QUITE SUBTLE!

And regardless whoever you call the best drummer of all time, it will always be safe to say that John “Bonzo” Bonham was (and still) among the greatest drummer of all time! And Led Zeppelin was the perfect fit for him (we can all attest to it).

By all means “Moby Dick” is the most complex drum solo ever witnessed, played by one of the greatest. REST IN PEACE BONZO, give them a hell of show up there!