Rock Pasta Experience: What Was The AC/DC Concert Like Back In The Bon Scott Era

Bon Scott: The Epitome Of A Rock Star!

Back in 1979, the band Boston were headliners at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida, they had a special guest, and it was the Doobie Brothers. The openers were the little-known band, “AC/DC.”

As they were set to play, the lights lowered. The drummer started playing the high hat in rhythm. Bon Scott began to sing, “In the beginning.” Then came the schoolboy grinding the hell out of his guitar. And the rest of the group followed in and shouted: “Let There Be Rock!” — Oh Lord, AC/DC stole the damn show from Boston, and everything became history.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Teenagers back then were in search of defining music. They only went to the concert just because they could. But after that very night, they were stunned and found their music. They never really expected to have their faces rocked off. That concert just proved that AC/DC was something else, they could actually give a hell of a great rock show. And at that time Bon Scott did really show everyone what it’s like to be a real rock singer.

The high electrifying rock n’ roll voice of Bon Scott provided the very backbone of the band, and that’s why we can’t blame the huge amount of real AC/DC fans still choosing him over Brian Johnson. There would “literally” be no “Brian Johnson” if it weren’t for Bon Scott.

Imagine if Bon Scott was still alive, AC/DC could definitely kick off a lot of good stuff to this day.