Rockers That Doesn’t Like Their Most Famous Songs

Some of these songs were definitely a work of genius, and by genius, I mean real groundbreaking songs. Each of these artists came up with such original music that was brilliantly executed.

Though these songs are great and all, it’s a big question why these rock stars who wrote or contributed to these songs didn’t like them a bit, and their reason is pretty simple but mystical at the same time.

Keep going for the list below:


John Lennon and “Let It Be”

Let It Be was definitely one of the Beatles chart-topping songs, and for all we know, nobody hates Let It Be. Nobody except John Lennon, by stating that he didn’t know what Paul was thinking when he wrote their most famous song, and he even called it a knockoff of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.”


Thom Yorke and “Creep”

Radiohead’s frontman called this song “Crap,” and he said Radiohead doesn’t know what the hell they were doing when they wrote the song. He even mocks people who like listening to this song by describing them as “an*lly retarded.”


Kurt Cobain and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

He just famously hated it, and this would definitely make sense to anyone in the 90s’. and what’s more bothering is that how would a man who wrote the song, and made him famous and rich hold so much grudge against it and even call it as stink? Well, according to Cobain, he simply ripped it off, by admitting that he was trying to sound like The Pixies. He even said that it was “almost an embarrassment to play.”


 Robert Plant and “Stairway To Heaven”

Robert Plant would much rather play anything else than “Stairway To Heaven.” How can we tell? Well, because he said so himself, dating back 1988. According to Rolling Stone, Plant called Jimmy Page the night before a big reunion concert and was very strict that he would never play that song ever again, but still, he played it during that reunion then never again.


Oasis and “Wonderwall”

Well, Oasis hated a lot of things, such as “themselves,” but besides hating themselves, they have probably hated “Wonderwall” more. Liam, says that their chart-topper makes him gag.