Rockstars That Failed After They Went Solo

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Went Solo Then Went Soared

It’s impossible to overlook these artists that they made great music with their bands, and when they when solo, it’s also impossible to imagine why they stop making great music. Group collaborations are always the pinnacle of creating true classic songs, and as a band, it helps and plays a big part in the music.

The only problem sometimes is that when a band had some conflict in their inner circle, someone has to leave.

Some of these artists who went solo ended up “not to enjoy” successful solo careers of their own.

Let’s go on and have a look on the list below “Rockstars That Failed After They Went Solo.”


5. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden

The Soundgarden superstar. He began his solo career with the release of 1999’s Euphoria Morning, shortly after their breakup. Unfortunately, there was a huge drop off with his other releases.


4. Sting of The Police

We all know the Police was a great success, but Gordon Sumner (aka Sting)  never went huge after stepping down to pursue his solo career in 1985.


3. Roger Daltrey of The Who

Roger Daltrey will always be one of rock’s legend and had marked himself in rock history with his passionate work with The Who.  But it turns out the Rock God doing solo can’t impress anyone without Townshend by his side to help him write the lyrics.


2. Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones

One of the most influential frontmen in the history of rock music — but he can’t offer anything as a solo artist that the Rolling Stones just did.


1. Freddie Mercury of Queen

One of the first Rock Stars who went on to pursue disco music, despite his work with Queen — Mr. Bad Guy did not capture his fans’ hearts, they all wanted him back on Queen. But The Great Pretender is a piece of work.