Roger Waters Reveals David Gilmour Made Him Feel Insignificant

via Skavlan / Youtube

Be it musically, charging David Gilmour for past and present aspects of Pink Floyd, or socially, attacking Mark Zuckerberg or calling for participation in the protests in Chile, it has become clear in recent times that Roger Waters always has something important to say.

This time we return to the more musical field, which refers to his brilliant time as a member of Pink Floyd, one of the most prominent rock bands in history, although it seems that the memory of Waters is not so bright.

In a recent interview with the WTF Podcast, Waters recalled how was his relationship with old colleagues such as the aforementioned Gilmour or Richard Wright, and the great musical contribution of the band:

“I was never that intellectual about it. It’s something that happened, that development. Now I understand a lot more than I did about it.

“What happened was that the band became popular, and my major contribution to rock ‘n’ roll, if you like – I’ve written some decent songs but it was really to develop the theater of arena rock, which I did almost single-handedly back in the mid-’70s.”

More recently, Waters and Gilmour have disagreed over the material that will be included in a long-awaited 1977 reissue of Animals.

“Well, I was in a very toxic environment where I was around some people…

“Well, David [Gilmour, guitar] and Rick [Wright, keyboards] mainly were always trying to drag me down.

“They were always trying to knock me off.”

Meanwhile, a new remixed version of A Momentary Lapse of Reason, Pink Floyd’s first album recorded without Waters, will be released on October 29.

Despite their current squabbles, Waters says he acknowledges that the music Pink Floyd created together remains an impressive achievement. ”

Watch Waters in the video below attacking David Gilmour: