Ron Wood Says He’s Cancer Free Again

via @KellyWurx | YouTube

In 2017, Ronnie Wood (73), one of the legendary members of the Rolling Stones, revealed that he suffered from lung cancer. After a successful operation, the star announced that he was already recovered.

But now, three years from that moment, Wood confessed that he had cancer for the second time during the coronavirus quarantine.

“I’ve had cancer two different ways now,” he told the Sun. “I had lung cancer in 2017, and I had small-cell more recently that I fought in the last lockdown.”

Small cell cancers are usually found in the lungs, but they can also be found in the bladder, prostate, pancreas, and lymph nodes. Wood, who previously had part of his lung removed after the cancerous lesion was discovered, did not specify which area was affected this time.

The guitarist also mentioned that he kept busy in the hobby of painting, focusing on his wife Sally and their four-year-old twins. Wood said getting sober probably helped his health, but he also turned to prayer.

“When you hand the outcome over to your higher power, that is a magic thing,” he said. “That brings you back to the Serenity Prayer: ‘Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.’ That’s incredible. What will be, will be; it’s nothing to do with me. All I can do is stay positive in my attitude, be strong and fight it, and the rest is up to my higher power.”