Someone Really Gave Time To Make An Ace Frehley Laugh Compilation – Hilarious!

via Busgubbe / Youtube

Born on April 27, 1950, Paul Daniel Frehley was a member of KISS who really comes from a very humble family, originally from the Bronx, perhaps the most fearsome neighborhood in New York due to the high degree of concentration of slum dwellers, criminals, dealers, and little police control.

Ace’s ancestry is somewhat strange since on his father’s side he has Scottish-German blood (an uncle of his was a Nazi officer) and on his mother’s side, he is indigenous from whom he inherited his Chinese features and slender stature. Being the youngest of two brothers, his parents took care to provide him with a very good education. He inherits musical skills thanks to his mother’s (Esther) passion for classical music, who owned a used piano, and also from his older brother, who receives the title of classical concert guitarist at an early age. On the other hand, Ace was the black sheep, he did not get along with the studio and secretly usurped his brother’s guitar to try to play rock and roll, music that he discovered through his gangster friends from the Bronx. As such, Paul Daniel has not been able to escape the rule of the neighborhood and rises to gang boss of juvenile delinquency.

Today Ace maintains a normal lifestyle, perhaps the first time in his life that he lives outside of the convulsive adolescent madness and psychological crises of the ’80s. Today he is a smart businessman. We all need someone who laughs like Ace Frehley, watch the video below, a laugh compilation of Ace Frehley. This will make you laugh!