Steve Perry Covers The Beach Boys’ Song

Youtube / Steve Perry

Steve Perry came out of quarantine bearing a gift. The former Journey frontman released an incredible cover of The Beach Boys’ iconic 1963 hit “In My Room,” a suitable song at a time when we’re all locked down in our rooms.

“When I was a teenager, isolating in my room, this song gave me comfort,” Perry wrote in an accompanying note. “Stay safe.”

The track was one of the Beach Boys’ classic songs, from their 1963 album titled Surfer Girl. As the B-side to ‘Be True to Your School’.

Perry had revealed to Rolling Stone that the tune was “an anthem” to his youthful loneliness. He listens to the song a lot because he desired to be “left alone” in his bedroom where he seeks peace and plays music.

The musician also posted on Twitter on why he wanted to cover the song, “One late night, I was sitting in my room thinking about so many things. This song came into my mind, and it brought me some comfort. I hope it does the same for you. Stay safe.”

Keep going for the video below: