Steve Van Zandt Announced ‘Qoolest Quarantine Collection’ On Radio Show

via @Uncle Joe's Garage | Youtube

Renowned musician Stevie Van Zandt aka “Little Steven” launched a special 12-week batch of ‘Qoolest Quarantine Collection’ on his radio show, available via Van Zandt’s  Underground Garage on SiriusXM and via its own dedicated website.

The news was announced last Thursday (Apr. 2), promising to be some can’t-miss Van Zandt interviews with various of legendary musicians. Little Steven announced the news via its own dedicated website.

“Little Steven, a.k.a. Steven Van Zandt, has announced a very special run of his legendary rock ‘n’ roll radio show, Little Steven’s Underground Garage. “The Qoolest Quarantine Qollection” will showcase a dozen spectacular specialty shows, featuring iconic co-hosts and classic interviews with such superstars as Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney, Darlene Love, Keith Richards, Ray Davies, David Chase, Ringo Starr, Leslie Gore, Iggy Pop, Peter Wolf, and Jack Black. The 12-week run – to be hosted by another of Van Zandt’s countless alter egos, the one and only “Trenton Quarantino” – begins tomorrow, Friday April 3, with an in-depth three-part interview with Bruce Springsteen.” — For complete details,, please visit

Steven Van Zandt is a known storyteller with a deep, loving appreciation for the power of music — so this new interview series will be something great that we want to see and hear.