Steven Tyler and Daughter Liv Sing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

Father-and-daughter duo Steven Tyler and actress Liv Tyler had a bit of fun while singing to Frankie Valli’s classic hit, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, with the iPhone providing the background music. The first half of the video shows Liv sitting face-to-face with his rock star father, endearingly singing the opening lines of the famous song right to him. It’s all a touchy-feely moment up until Steven grabs the phone and started putting it in his famously large mouth, eliciting a sort of EDM auto-tune sound during the famed horn section riff of the song. Steven Tyler has already proven himself a pretty decent harmonica player, and now he’s discovered yet another talent to do with his mouth. It’s hilariously odd, and with Liv Tyler’s giggles in the background, it seems like he shares his father’s sense of humor.

 Watch the sweet and funny father-daughter moment below: