Steven Tyler Makes Young Fan’s Dream Come True

Julian Acosta / YouTube

Steven Tyler Doing What He Does Best… Changing Lives

You obviously know Steven Tyler the legendary rockstar and frontman of Aerosmith, but what you may not know is the other side to him; the man who makes it his mission in life to give back to his fans. Steven is the kind of guys that’ll go above and beyond to meet and spend time with one fan or stand in the pouring rain to sign autographs.

All this and his charitable work particularly with the opening of Janie’s House (a shelter for battered women) are a testament to the kind of guy Steven is. He is one of the best, pure and simple.

If you were to go online and look up videos of him doing meet-and-greets and making appearances at charity events, you’ll find literally thousands of results. It just goes to show that Steven is one of a kind. The most recent time this happened was last month when he made yet another fan’s dream come true.

Julian Acosta / YouTube

A fan by the name of Julian Acosta got to meet Steven and was overwhelmed with emotion. It was all caught on video. He said this in the description of the video.

“It was march 3rd when I met Steven Tyler from Aerosmith he was my idol for years and to finally meet him is so surreal. Make a wish Arizona set all of this I have to give a big thank to them because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have never Steven. He was the sweetest guy ever as anyone would imagine. This day right Here will stay in my memory forever Thank you once again Make a wish Arizona and Steven Tyler for making all of this possible for me!????????????????”

Check out this amazing video for yourself, but have some tissues ready…